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Field Recording: Capturing Musical Sounds (Tips, Gear & Techniques)

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Field Recording: Capturing Musical Sounds (Tips, Gear & Techniques)

The art of field recording can be applied in many ways—storytelling, news-gathering, sonic portraits, and of course music-making. In the first of our three-video field recording techniques series, producer & engineer Dennis Bunton discusses the creative choices that go into selecting a location, finding a variety of sources to record—from nature sounds to activating the space with percussive gestures—and the range of field recording equipment and gear you need to capture great audio.

00:00 Intro
00:20 Creative Considerations
00:59 Setup 1: @Apple iPhone + Voice Memo
01:50 Setup 2: @Sony PCM-D100 Handheld Portable Recorder
03:40 Setup 3: @GeorgNeumannGmbH RSM 191 Stereo Shotgun Microphone + @ZoomSoundLab F8n Professional Multi-Track Field Recorder
04:52 Close

Dennis Bunton is one of the producers behind Output Arcade’s Field of Sounds Line. Explore the Field of Sounds Line in Arcade:

The next videos in the series will demonstrate how to prep and denoise your field recordings, and creative sound design techniques for producing music with found sounds. Stay tuned and subscribe for more field recording tips!

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