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Extreme Ensembles 10 Drum Kits – Walkthrough

Video by 8dioproductions via Youtube
Extreme Ensembles 10 Drum Kits - Walkthrough

Once only available to V8P member, Extreme Ensembles 10 Drum Kits is now available to all!

The Extreme Drum Kit Ensemble is a 41GB (pre-compression) collection of 10 different drum kits, all played together at the same time. The result is an incredibly powerful sounding mega-kit, with 5 hall mics and 10 spot mics, one for each drum kit. We recorded the kits in several ways, with traditional mallets, brushes, crescendos, and in a savage/tribal style. Using individual spot microphones, you have access to 10 unique kits, which allows you to create your own ensemble and dial in precisely the sound that works with your mix. This is one of the pillars of our Extreme Ensemble Series.

Available now for $50

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