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EMISYNTH – Soviet Vintage Analog Synths

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EMISYNTH - Soviet Vintage Analog Synths


In this library we’ve collected Eleven unique Soviet Toy Synthesizers, which have survived to this day: the age of these instruments is from 30 to 50 years. It feels like we’ve put an entire era in a few gigabytes of data.

Time and various storage conditions have left their mark on the sound of these synths. Each of them has aged in its own way, which influenced the analog elements of the instrument and the final sound, which acquired a variety of artifacts. We carefully preserved the characteristic of each note for your inspiration and creativity.

Recording was done from the original speakers of these instruments; thus, the sound is as intended by the designers and we put a spin of effects on it. Additionally it contains IR’s from the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.

We did our best to provide you with maximum control over each effect and to keep the library beautiful and easily manageable. Switch between synthesizers, immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the "80s", create great synthwave or experiment with other genres of music.

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Our studio provides conceptual material that has an ideology. We have carefully sampled the mixture of different musical instruments with some rare and conceptual ones, so that you could enrich the atmosphere in your compositions.

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