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Does Saturation REALLY Make a Difference?

Video by Black Salt Audio via YouTube
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Does Saturation REALLY Make a Difference?

Weโ€™ve all heard about how great saturation can be in adding weight and edge to your tracks, something that just canโ€™t be achieved with your typical EQ or compression. In a digital world where most of us mix in-the-box, can something like saturation really be replicated in a plugin format? Follow along with Gerry to see how he uses Escalator to beef up a metal track!

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0:00 Intro
0:08 What is Saturation?
1:28 Session and Raw Drums
3:12 Saturation on Bass
5:18 Saturation on Rhythm Guitars
6:55 Saturation on Lead Guitars
7:53 Saturation Before and After
9:06 Outro

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