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Dive into Reason’s stock sound library with Chris Reed

Dive into Reason's stock sound library with Chris Reed

Video by Reason Studios via YouTube
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Dive into Reason's stock sound library with Chris Reed

Third-party effects and instruments are great and all, but wouldn’t it be interesting to limit oneself and try to create music without some of your go-to devices? In this video, Chris Reed shares with you a production created in Reason 12 using only Reason stock sounds. Every sound in the production comes from Reason Studios, including effects and master processing.

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0:00 Challenge Accepted
0:13 Music Preview
1:14 Go to Synchronous Patch
2:10 Synth Stack Combinator
3:41 Bassline Stock Effects
4:22 A Rant about Patches
5:46 Stock Melody Elements
6:35 Some Stock Samples
7:30 RV7000 Stock Reverb
9:21 Drums and One Shots
11:06 Favorite Drum Loops
12:13 Recorded Vocals
13:49 Default Mastering Suite
15:01 Adjusting for Loudness

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