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Deres – Advanced Audio Clarity (VST / AU / AAX)

Deres - Advanced Audio Clarity (VST / AU / AAX)

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Deres - Advanced Audio Clarity (VST / AU / AAX)

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Whether it’s stacking synths or building bass lines, layering multiple instruments always creates a huge sonic impact. It’s all about that magical combination of sounds that can either make or break a track. But here’s the headache – nothing kills the vibe quicker than hidden resonances and unruly harmonics creeping in to trash your mix. Enter DERES, where resonances meet their match! This plugin is your resonance-killing footsoldier, coming to the rescue to obliterate muddy sounds and pesky overtones that have been invading your productions.

DERES isn’t just guessing which frequencies need attention. It’s working from the mathematical playbook of sound harmonics; uncovering hidden resonances that would otherwise fly under the radar of even the most eagle-eared producers. With preview functions, you can sneak a peek into annoying interferences before your cleanup operation. Then use the user-friendly interface and streamlined workflow to nix those nasty noises. It’s like having X-ray vision for your soundwaves, dynamically adjusting resonant peaks in a musical way. Clarity is king, so make sure you clean house before you even touch that mixdown.

Enhance, Identify & Reduce

The dedicated Listen button should be your first gadget in the DERES toolbag, allowing you to isolate irritating resonances with ease by exaggerating the frequencies. Sweep the 1-8 kHz range with the Find knob to easily identify unusual peaks that sound overly muddy or harsh. Then dial in the Reduce parameter to apply the processing, resulting in a cleaner signal. Tweak the Q value to widen or narrow the factor, catching more or less of the surrounding frequencies.

Dynamic Relativity

A normal surgical EQ will only be effective on one tight frequency slice, whereas DERES can process all the multiple harmonics of your chosen frequency. Use the Octave knob to quickly reduce the relative components of the main frequency so you catch all those problem peaks. Normal static mode will cut resonances in a linear way. Alternatively, you can add in an advanced dynamic mode, for more musical processing that only steps in when you really need it.

Compensation Station

Carving out bothersome frequencies cleans up the signal but can sometimes make the audio sound a little flat. DERES compensates for that with a suite of useful functions: Use the Tone button to adjust the tonal balance of supporting instruments such as pads and strings by applying convolution response and removing unnecessary frequencies. Boosting frequencies neighbouring those cleared by resonance removal, the Compensate knob adds a touch of brightness to counteract any perceived darkness in the processed signal. Utilize the Excite control to infuse air into all sounds post-resonance removal, elevating presence and sparkle to rejuvenate any lost energy. Add in a Mid/Side mode and low cut filtering and you’ll find DERES is a formidable asset for a wide range of resonance reduction tasks.

Visual Feedback & Comparison

DERES is built on vector graphics with a resizable interface. A live spectrum is displayed at the top, to help you identify problem frequencies and show exactly what’s happening to the signal as it travels through the plugin in real time. This allows for accurate monitoring at every step of the chain. For those who like to experiment, contrast different processing chains with AB comparison and copy / paste. Use the undo / redo buttons to revert any changes.


DERES includes a huge number of factory presets, covering everything from subtle surgical correction, to more broad-strokes transformations. Use the provided parameters as starting points to clean-up any type of audio, bringing the best out of your sounds and productions.

W. A. Production are real-life producers making creative plugins to help you achieve studio quality processing quickly and easily. Enjoy!

00:00 – Introduction
00:51 – Before & after examples
03:45 – Features
04:14 – Workflow Tutorial
06:45 – Additional Functionality
09:!2 – Mid Side Processing
10:15 – Options & Settings
11:00 – Preset Browser


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