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Create Suburb Ambience Sound Effects in Seconds

Video by Krotos Audio via YouTube
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Create Suburb Ambience Sound Effects in Seconds

Do you want to create ambience sound effects for a suburb in seconds?
Our product expert Alessandro Mastroianni has made a demo video for you.

Stop spending hours searching, editing, layering, and sounding like everyone else. Krotos Studio is the sound platform for all skill levels.
Creating unique and royalty-free sound effects has never been easier!

Download the free version of Krotos Studio now!

Krotos Studio Free – Create Hollywood Sound in Seconds

Please note that this is a free version and Krotos Studio is still undergoing development.

Feel free to use the sounds created using Krotos Studio Free in all your creative projects. We’d love to hear the sound you create! Share them on social media with the hashtag #krotosstudio

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