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Crafting vintage soul in Reason!

Crafting vintage soul in Reason!

Video by Reason Studios via YouTube
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Crafting vintage soul in Reason!

Go behind the song with Hilton Wright as he shows how he created his new single, "Until The Stars Fade", with Grammy award-winner Kameron Corvet! In this video, Hilton leans on an oldie but a goodie: the Reason Soul School refill. Once the idea starts to take shape, he throws it to Kameron in Atlanta for some pocket guitars and smooth vocals. Upon return, an arrangement ensues with era specific panning. Watch as he uses devices in the Reason rack to process a vintage finish.

00.00 – Intro
00.58 – Laying the chorus progression
01.30 – Locking in the drums
05.20 – Verse & pre-chorus chords
06.40 – Bridge organ trick
08.32 – Vocal songwriting ideas
11.47 – Collab with Kameron Corvet
13.21 – Building arrangement around vocals
17.52 – Era specific sonics
19.20 – Master bus time machine
23.49 – Vinyl release! (
24.03 – Hilton’s online class (

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