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Composing an epic orchestral cue with Cinesamples | Native Instruments

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Composing an epic orchestral cue with Cinesamples | Native Instruments

Get inspired as Reuben Cornell composes an epic orchestral cue and talks us through the Cinesamples collection – made for composers, by composers. Get up to 76% off an exclusive bundle of the highest-quality Hollywood soundtrack tools until September 29th, including blockbuster woodwind sounds, comprehensive orchestral instruments, emotional and epic percussion, and a meticulous organ sample library. Cinesamples libraries are versatile, user-friendly, and NKS-compatible so you can jump right in and elevate your music. Browse the full suite now and take advantage of 50% off single libraries.

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00:00 – Intro
01:02 – Final Cue
02:30 – Concept & Workflow
03:56 – CinePerc
05:45 – Deep Percussion Beds 1 & 2
07:22 – CineSymphony Lite
10:05 – CineStrings Core
11:17 – CineBrass Core
12:12 – Hollywood Winds
13:02 – Tina Guo vol 2
14:28 – Randy’s Prepared Piano
15:07 – NI Replika
15:23 – Forbes Pipe Organ
16:22 – Ozone Pro

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