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Color Decoded by GLASYS: Composed on LUMI Keys

Video by ROLI via YouTube
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Color Decoded by GLASYS: Composed on LUMI Keys

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Gil Assayas — better known as GLASYS — has musical talent to spare. The keyboardist, composer and vocalist not only produces his own singular tracks, influenced by classical, jazz and video-game scores, but he’s also played alongside diverse and legendary artists including Todd Rundgren and T-Pain.

GLASYS on Color Decoded:
I’ve always enjoyed creating with self-imposed limitations – for example, only using one instrument or one synth for the entire track. In this case, I wanted to showcase ROLI’s great software so I limited myself to only ROLI sound libraries: Equator2, ROLI Studio Drums and ROLI Studio Player. I programmed a few of my own sounds and also tweaked a bunch of presets — there’s tons of inspiring sounds in there. As a synth programmer the UI of Equator2 is very intuitive, so I could jump right into sound design.

The track itself is in an odd time signature (⅞) and doesn’t really have a clear melody. I started with a bassline and built the arrangement one layer at a time.

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