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Cinetools – Knockout – Future Music Magazine Review

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Looking for bone-snapping noises to take your martial arts flicks to the next level? Or, simply sourcing some seriously scathing strike sounds for your next sick fight scene? Cinetools have got all that, and more, on their latest high-quality, close combat, SFX library. Thousands of explosive punches and kicks are at the heart of this pulse-quickening collection of fight-miked audio. But, there’s also a mind-boggling amount of heavy panting, shouting, shuffling, grabbing, throwing, and falling in the mix too. All here to help soundtrack kick-ass kickoffs, and every other size or scrap and skirmish you can imagine. From a swift bop on the beak, to the most epic boss battle, you’ve got it all in this absolutely massive, and precisely presented, 3.50GB package. Punchy!

Future Music Magazine Verdict


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