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CHOIR: OMNIA Walkthrough | Native Instruments

Video by Native Instruments via YouTube
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CHOIR: OMNIA Walkthrough | Native Instruments

Take a closer look at CHOIR: OMNIA with product specialist Reuben Cornell – explore all four sections, get an overview of the Syllabuilder section, the Keys and Sequencer play modes, and hear how OMNIA can be used to quickly create versatile, realistic choir parts with nuance and expression.

OMNIA captures 40 singers in exquisite detail, from the softest murmurs to full-throated emotion. Build your own personalised combinations of male and female performers, split into four traditional sections. Hugely dynamic and intuitive to play, OMNIA is versatile enough to score any genre of music. OMNIA was created in collaboration with Strezov Sampling and recorded at the Sofia Session Studio.

Discover CHOIR: OMNIA:

00:00 – Introduction & Overview
02:34 – Main Page
03:15 – Sequence & Keys Mode
03:58 – Phrase Browser
05:09 – The Syllabuilder
07:51 – Additional Options
08:19 – The Mixer
09:37 – Outro

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