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Black Octopus Sound Psy Techno | Loops and Samples

Black Octopus Sound Psy Techno | Loops and Samples

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Black Octopus Sound Psy Techno | Loops and Samples
Enter the throbbing maelstrom of Blackwarp’s Psy Techno! Psy Techno, which offers over 1 GB of state-of-the-art audio content, is made to improve your music production with 390 painstakingly created samples. For any producer looking to add drums, bass, synths, hypnotic rhythms, and otherworldly textures to their tracks, this pack is a must-have toolkit.

Drum one-shots and loops: Get ready to infuse your tracks with the relentless energy and hypnotic rhythms that Psy Techno is known for, from thunderous kicks to crisp hi-hats, and intricate drum loops to mesmerizing top loops. Craft the perfect groove with rides, kicks, claps, crashes, and snares that ensure your beats hit.

Bass loops: Deliver a powerful low-end and feel the dancefloor rumble as you unleash the power of these bass loops. From throbbing sub-heavy basses to stabbing full-range Psy rollers, these loops are expertly crafted for maximum impact and allure.

Synth loops: from pulsating leads, and hypnotic pads to otherworldly textures, our synth loops are designed to transport your listeners. There are acid loops, leads, pads, and psydub chords to infuse your tracks with a sense of depth, and emotion while helping you to craft intricate breakdowns or add layers of euphoria to your peak moments.

Immerse yourself in the hypnotic sounds of “Psy Techno” by Blackwarp and unleash your creative potential with this sample pack. Embrace the psychedelic revolution and join us on a sonic journey like no other. Get your hands on “Psy Techno” by Blackwarp today.

“Psy Techno” by Blackwarp is the ultimate toolkit for producers looking to delve into the immersive realm of Psychedelic Techno. It was created by seasoned producers who are passionate about pushing sonic boundaries. This pack will inspire new ideas and revitalize your music with its wide selection of finely crafted samples.

– 390 samples
– 1.10 GB total content

– 90 Drum One Shots
– 20 Rides
– 20 Kicks
– 10 Claps
– 10 Crashes
– 10 Hihats Closed
– 10 Hihats Open
– 10 Snares
– 60 Bass Loops
– 60 Drum Loops
– 60 Top Loops

24-bit WAV Stereo

– 60 Synth Loops
– 20 Acid Loops
– 20 Leads
– 10 Pads
– 10 Psydub Chords
– 40 FX One Shots
– 15 Fallers
– 15 Sweeps
– 10 Risers
– 20 Ambience Loops

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