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BeatCutter app updated to version 1.8

Author: Unknown

  • BeatCutter can be used as an Instrument or Effects plugin in DAWs and hosts on iOS and macOS (AUv3).
  • Added a panel for quickly selecting a preset, which opens by double tap on the preset name area at the bottom of the screen.
  • Files recorded in standalone on iOS and macOS are available through the “App” – “Files” panel, and you can save them to any other directory.
  • In the MIDI control panel, double tap to cell resets the assigned control.
  • Added fullscreen mode when using the plugin with GarageBand (iOS).
  • Several minor bugs were fixed.

Brief demo of how to use BeatCutter with an external processing app on the second channel in audio unit host app. Original track performed by Hubert-Jan Hubeek,

>>> Final result: Delicate Tension – Saxophone improvisation with BeatCutter & SpaceFields apps

BeatCutter – Rhythm slicing & recombining >> App Store

BeatCutter is an experimental multi-channel app for slicing and recombining sound based on rhythm. In the center of the app is a matrix of sample cells with smoothly reconfigurable recording, playback and control busses. This app is best for those who would like to experiment with long sound files or live instruments, creating chaotic constructions and patterns from sliced rhythm-driven samples.

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