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Auto Tune Pro X Tutorial Video

Video by Auto-Tune® / Antares Audio Technologies via YouTube
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Auto Tune Pro X Tutorial Video

In this video tutorial, producer/engineer/educator J Chris Griffin (Madonna, John Legend, Kanye West) shows you how to get the most out of NEW Auto-Tune Pro X – the professional standard for pitch correction and getting the classic Auto-Tune Effect. Learn about the redesigned Graph Mode, Apple Silicon Native benefits, the new Multi-View workspace, and more.

Introduction: 00:04
Native Apple Silicon Support: 00:18
Sharp, Resizable Graphics and New Mix Knob: 00:28
Presets Manager and Artist Presets: 00:50
Line Display: 01:08
Learn AI Feature for Setting Input Type / Vocal Range: 01:13
Redesigned Graphic Mode: 01:19
Multi-View: 01:52
Tool Changes: 02:05
Light and Dark Modes: 02:20
Under The Hood Improvements: 02:25
Basic Set-Up (Key, Scale, Input Type, Tracking): 02:50
Retune Speed: 03:53
Humanize and Flex-Tune Controls: 04:15
Tuning Display: 04:36
Auto-Tune Classic Mode and Formant Control: 04:49
Graph Mode: 07:06
Graphic Pitch Editing with Note Objects: 07:34
Other Graphic Editing Features: 07:45
New Copy/Paste Features: 08:22
Graph Mode Versatility: 08:38
Auto Mode Advanced View for Custom Scales, MIDI Control and More: 09:01

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