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AstroLab Livestream | _Diving into Arturia’s Avant-Garde Stage Keyboard

AstroLab Livestream | _Diving into Arturia's Avant-Garde Stage Keyboard

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AstroLab Livestream | _Diving into Arturia's Avant-Garde Stage Keyboard

Wednesday 24th, April 2024 | 5PM CEST

Welcome to the AstroLab #livestream.

Join Product Manager Pierre for an in-depth exploration of AstroLab, our avant-garde stage keyboard. Discover how it integrates seamlessly with Analog Lab and other advanced workflows, enhancing both studio and live performances. Experience its innovative features through live demonstrations, and have your questions answered during our interactive Q&A session!

#GoBeyond with AstroLab β†’

πŸ‘† Feel free to ask us questions in the chat section above.
πŸ” Our moderators will select questions for the closing video Q&A.
πŸ’¬ We’ll do our best to answer all your questions regarding Efx MOTIONS.

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Arturia is one of the world’s leading developers of music software, studio controllers, hardware synthesizers and audio interfaces. Creating gear for pro and amateur musicians alike, we create equipment that is both easy to use, enhances your workflow, and sounds amazing.

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