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Ambient Moods 3 – Trailer

Video by LP24 Audio via YouTube
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Ambient Moods 3 - Trailer

LP24 is exceptionally proud to present another incarnation of our most beloved series— Ambient Moods 3. Discover an expansive collection of 1000+ modern textures, loops, and oneshot samples designed for contemporary music creation.

Ambient Moods 3 contains a massive 3.98GB of inspired sound suited to a wide variety of emotions and moods, from the sublime and tranquil to uplifting and beautifully captivating rich soundscapes.

All of this is organized into 24 full-song construction kits. Each song kit features melodies, chords, rhythms, effects, and textures that work in perfect harmony with one another. Arrange a composition or grab a few sounds to ignite your creative journey.

A wide variety of professionally recorded instruments and sounds are included in Ambient Moods 3, including pianos, violins, cellos, synthesizers, drums, percussion, basses, voices, pads, atmospheres, noises, reverses, whoosh builds, foley recordings, and 24 full song mixdowns.

In addition, many bonus loops and oneshot folders are included for more emotive sparks of inspiration. for more info

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