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A Guide To Using A Smart Limiter

A Guide To Using A Smart Limiter

Author: Tom Frampton
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Mastering is the crucial stage where a good mix blooms into a sonic masterpiece, standing tall against the competitive landscape of commercial music. Central to this transformation is the limiter, an enigmatic tool often misunderstood yet indispensable in the mastering chain.

Mastering The Mix’s LIMITER is the go-to tool for some of the industry’s best-renowned mastering engineers, tailored for producers aiming for a clean, loud, and punchy sonic signature. The daunting task for many remains: how to dial in the perfect limiter settings?

This blog will give you an actionable, step-by-step guide to wielding LIMITER with finesse.

  • Discover the crucial role of limiting in the mastering process.
  • Learn how to achieve competitive loudness without compromising dynamics.

Whether you’re sculpting your latest track or refining an existing mix, this blog will illuminate the nuances of LIMITER, ensuring your masters resonate with clarity and character.

A Guide To Using A Smart Limiter

Understanding the Basics of Limiting

Mastering is the art of balance, dynamics, and finesse. Within this art, limiting plays a pivotal role, shaping the louder moments to meet commercial standards while preserving the track’s innate pulse. A limiter can be considered the guardian at the end of your signal chain, ensuring that your audio does not peak beyond a certain threshold.

However, grasping the basics of limiting is crucial before diving into the complex functionalities of advanced tools like Mastering The Mix’s LIMITER. Here we explore the cornerstone principles:

  • Preventing Clipping: Limiters act as a ceiling, beyond which your music cannot clip or distort.
  • Uniform Loudness: By taming peaks, limiters contribute to a uniform loudness, essential for a polished, professional-sounding master.
  • Maximizing Volume: With careful use, a limiter can maximize the volume of a track without compromising the dynamic range that gives the music its life and energy.

Adopting limiting into your workflow requires discernment. Incorrect application can lead to a flat and lifeless track, while the right touch enhances and elevates. It’s not simply about making your music loud but doing so with judicious restraint and technical wisdom.

Through the upcoming sections, we’ll delve deeper into the technical dynamics of the LIMITER, ensuring that you gain proficiency in using this powerful mastering ally. Stay tuned for actionable instructions and insider tips on finalizing your master with confidence and creativity.

LIMITER plugin in a modern studio

Mastering The Mix’s LIMITER: An Overview

Mastering The Mix’s LIMITER is not your ordinary limiter… It’s a sophisticated, incredibly clean sounding limiter designed to refine your tracks to pro-sounding excellence no matter how loud you want to go. Here, we look closely at what makes this plugin a dream for producers:

    Value Brought to the Mastering Chain

    In an ocean of limiters, Mastering The Mix’s LIMITER stands distinguished. It empowers you to:

    • Deliver Professional Loudness: Balancing volume, clarity, and dynamics without the compromise is the hallmark of LIMITER.
    • Maintain Sonic Integrity: Unlike heavy-handed processors, LIMITER guards your sound’s character even as it enhances loudness.
    • Work Efficiently: Tailored presets and smart algorithms help you reach the sonic finish line faster and with less second-guessing.
    • Smart Attack and Adaptive Release: These smart features adapt to your music, providing dynamic control that is both responsive and musical.

    As we progress into the intricate realm of LIMITER, you’ll learn to unravel its full potential, applying precision and creative flair to your mastering process. LIMITER is more than a plugin; it’s your partner in the pursuit of audio excellence.

    In-Depth Guide: Using LIMITER for Mastering

    Understanding the functional undercurrents of LIMITER propels you into the realm where loudness marries clarity. Let’s plunge into the hows of using LIMITER to refine your master to perfection.

    Load LIMITER on your master channel, and choose your loudness target, such as Loud or Dynamic. Now monitor the chorus or drop of your production, and click ‘analyze’. LIMITER will analyze your audio and give you target suggestions on how loud to set your input gain, and how to adjust the attack, release, link and ceiling to optimize for your sonic goals.

      Attack and Release Timings

      The responsiveness of a limiter is characterized by its attack and release settings:

      • Attack: A faster attack clamps down quickly, essential for pronounced transients, while a slower setting allows transients to breathe.

      LIMITER Plugin attack

      • Release: The release controls how the limiter recovers post-gain reduction. An artfully set release maintains musicality. 

      Limiter release knob

      Input Gain Adjustments

      Managing input gain in LIMITER is critical:

      • Drive your signal into the limiter with the input gain, being mindful of the intensity of the gain reduction.
      • Listen for the sweet spot where the gain complements your track’s energy without over-limiting.
      • If you’re mastering for a club, the loudest section should be around -6 LUFS short term.
      • If you’re mastering for Streaming , the loudest sectionshould be around-9 LUFS short term.

      LIMITER Plugin input gain options driving with distortion

      Setting the Output Ceiling

      Preventing digital clipping is paramount:

      • The output ceiling should be set just below 0 dBTP to ensure no clipping occurs when the music is played back through speakers.
      • Exercise caution not to set it too low, which could undermine loudness potential.

      LIMITER Plugin ceiling output gain

      Understanding True Peak Limiting

      With the ever-growing landscape of digital platforms, true peak limiting secures your sound:

      • True Peak: Monitor levels post-conversion to avoid distortion on various playback systems.
      • Assess where your true peaks land and utilize LIMITER’s precise control to manage them.

      By the time you’ve woven through the threads of LIMITER’s features, you’ll arrive at a master that’s not just loud, but confidently broadcast-ready. Each parameter, when harnessed with purpose, leads to a master that’s reminiscent not of the processor, but the profound story your music tells.

      dBTP Graph

      Technical Strategies: Getting the Most out of LIMITER

      To truly master the LIMITER, one must navigate beyond its surface and delve into strategic approaches that exploit its full potential:

      Integration with Mastering The Mix’s Ecosystem

      Combine LIMITER with other Mastering The Mix plugins to construct a robust mastering chain:

      • RESO works like a charm as the first plugin in your mastering chain to remove unwanted resonant frequencies.  
      • Employ MIXROOM before the LIMITER to carve out a balanced frequency spectrum.
      • Pair with BASSROOM for tight and impactful low-end control.
      • Use ANIMATE to inject dynamic movement, ensuring your master is both lively and crisp.

      Mastering The Mix Plugins

      Genre-Specific Limiting

      Recognize that each genre brings its own set of dynamics and loudness expectations:

      • For rock, apply LIMITER to secure a robust and powerful sound. Experiment with the PCH and NRG settings to add some fire to your mixes.
      • In electronic music, target precise transients to retain the genre’s characteristic punch and clarity. Go for a longer attack to achieve this.
      • With acoustic genres, respect the natural dynamics for an authentic auditory experience. Go easy on the input gain and consider leaving the PCH and NRG settings at zero.

      Limiter in a home studio

      Track Assessment with LIMITER

      Critical listening is your ally in mastering; use LIMITER’s bypass feature to maintain objectivity:

      • Analyze before and after processing to ensure LIMITER’s impact aligns with your vision for the track.
      • Listen on various systems to guarantee consistency in different listening environments.

      Note: The bypass feature in LIMITER level matches the before and after comparison to make it objective and fair. In most circumstances you wont here much of a difference, this is because LIMITER is an incredibly transparent limiter. This is why it’s the go-to choice for so many world class engineers. 


      Loudness Standards and Streaming Platforms

      Each streaming platform has its own loudness criteria; use LIMITERs presets to comply masterfully:

      • Understand the LUFS targets of platforms like Spotify and YouTube to present your music optimally.
      • Adjust LIMITER to achieve a master that not only meets technical requirements but excels in musicality across all platforms.

      As you employ these strategies with LIMITER, you’re not just following a technical manual; you’re tailoring a listening experience, ensuring your master is heard as intended in the digital arena and beyond.

      LIMITER in a cool garage studio

      Creative Approaches with LIMITER

      Mastering with LIMITER extends beyond technical prowess into the realms of creativity. The following strategies will help you engineer not just sound, but emotion and power into your tracks:


      You can breath extra life into a track when mastering through automation.

      • Experiment by automating the PCH and NRG sliders to give your drop/chorus some extra energy compared to the verse/build up. 

      Managing the Pumping Effect

      The pumping effect can either be a creative asset or a mix destroyer. It’s achieved by setting the attack to a fast setting and pushing the LIMITER gain loud.

      • Use pumping to your advantage by creating rhythmic emphasis in electronic genres.
      • Avoid unwanted pumping by fine-tuning attack and release so that the gain reduction complements the musical timing.

      Limiter in a credible home studio

      Advanced Tips and Techniques

      To elevate your use of LIMITER from proficient to polished, consider these advanced techniques that address common challenges with nuance and expertise:

      Utilizing True Peak Limiting

      Gaining precision in loudness without sacrificing quality is paramount:

      • Monitor the True Peak values to ensure your master doesn’t encounter unexpected clipping post-render.
      • Engage LIMITER’s True Peak setting to catch intersample peaks that can distort on Digital to Analog Converters. (This is switched on by default) 

        Speciality Techniques for Specific Elements

        You can use LIMITER on specific mix elements to refine their impact within the master:

        • For a full bodied punchy kick, use a slower attack to allow transients to breath, with a medium release to pump up the body of the kick.
        • Mitigate harshness from cymbals or vocals by leveraging a fast attack and slower attack that preserves their natural timbre.
        • Glue a group of instruments together by sending them to a bus channel and limiting them together.

        By wielding these advanced techniques with LIMITER, you enter the realm of meticulous audio artisanship. Each mix element can be polished to shine in harmony with your vision for the master. LIMITER’s sophisticated controls offer the precision needed to craft a master that represents your intent with crystalline clarity and dynamic vitality.

         LIMITER in a bedroom studio


        With a comprehensive understanding of LIMITER’s vast capabilities, you’re now equipped to imbue your masters with precision, clarity, and depth. This guide was designed to transform the complex art of mastering into an intuitive and rewarding journey.

        Whether navigating the subtleties of gain adjustments or the tactical deployment of attack and release settings, LIMITER stands as a testament to audio excellence. Melding the technical with the creative, LIMITER’s prowess is a reflection of your mastery over sound.

        We invite you to elevate your music and master the art of the perfect master:

        • Download a free trial of LIMITER and hear the difference for yourself.
        • Join our newsletter for more insider tips, tutorials, and updates on the latest from Mastering The Mix.

        Embrace the sophistication of LIMITER, and step forward into a world where your music resonates louder, clearer, and punchier than ever before. Your journey towards auditory perfection awaits.

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