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A bit of sound art

Author: Unknown

Henry Lowengard did some interesting demos with my apps NoInputMixer and Stellarvox, along with a few other apps. Sound art in deep space!

NoInputMixer app playing a very slow “Geiger” noise into Furrow app, out to 4 busses in AUM host app, each connected to a different Objeq app resonator, mixed to one bus feeding Stellarvox app.

I’m working on Furrow app some more. Once I refactor its innards, there will be a whole lot of Furrowing going on. Furrow switches the audio to the next bus on each envelope transient. It will have many more algorithms for loading and processing incoming audio into multiple busses (up to 32).

New from GPT2 and me: Hot Chocolate.
Words: GPT-2
Voice: Dorothy from
Music: Fugue Machine, Pianoteq Vibes, Klevgrand Speldosa, Fractal Bits
Processing: Virtual Room for 3d placement, Stellarvox for reverbiness
Painting by MidJourney

NoInputMixer – Feedback-based instrument >> App Store

NoInputMixer (iOS, Mac, Audio unit) is an experimental feedback-based musical instrument that models an analog mixing console, designed to create a wide range of amazing, otherworldly electronic sounds by feeding the mixer’s output back to its input. >>> More about this app

Stellarvox – Ambient reverberation space designer >> App Store

Stellarvox (iOS, Mac, Audio unit) is a hybrid reverb with an artificial space designer, combining it with algorithmic reflections tail processing, is ideal to creating immersive ambience of deep spaces, lush atmospheric textures or stunning whispering backgrounds in your ambient, electronic, experimental and sound design projects. >>> More about this app

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