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808 Day Special: Lex Luger builds a trap masterpiece with MASCHINE+ | Native Instruments

Video by Native Instruments via YouTube
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808 Day Special: Lex Luger builds a trap masterpiece with MASCHINE+ | Native Instruments

Watch as pioneering trap producer Lex Luger (Juicy J, Waka Flocka Flame, Rick Ross, Wiz Khalifa) builds a cinematic trap beat from scratch with MASCHINE+ and the KOMPLETE KONTROL S61 Keyboard at the Vintage Synthesizer Museum in Los Angeles.

Luger starts by using the Auto Sampler on MASCHINE+ to sample sounds from several vintage synths in the museum’s legendary collection. Then he uses MASSIVE to lay down a bell sound for the foundational melody, a cinematic string sound for additional atmospherics, and a ragtime piano for harmonic support.

With the foundational elements in place, Luger programs the drums with MASCHINE+. Using Note Repeat to nail trap’s signature hi-hat triplets and quantizing individual sounds to tighten up the production, Luger lays down a bounce-heavy 808 and drenches it in reverb and delay for added warmth before programming several more drum patterns to add more excitement to the beat.

Making use of the museum’s collection, Luger adds a dark horn sound sampled from a vintage Elka Synthex and a violin sound sampled from a vintage Jupiter 6. Then he removes elements of the track to make space for the artist and brings it all home with a sonic switch-up featuring more hi-hats and a triplet-inflected 808.

Learn more about Lex Luger and go behind the scenes with a point by point breakdown of his cinematic Sketches track on the blog:

Enter the Metapop competition and remix the song for your chance to win a Native Instruments MASCHINE+ and the KOMPLETE 13 production suite:

00:00 – Intro
03:05 – Cooking up with MASCHINE+
03:29 – Sampling vintage synths with the new Auto Sampler function
03:55 – Recording chords with the MASSIVE “Arctic Bells” preset
05:00 – Adding strings for an orchestral vibe with MASSIVE
05:33 – Recording piano sounds with KONTAKT’s “Ragtime Piano” preset
05:52 – Building drums with samples from his user library in MASCHINE+
06:35 – Using NOTE REPEAT to record hi hat patterns
07:13 – Quantizing individual sounds with MASCHINE+
08:06 – Fleshing out the drum pattern with snares and 808s
08:56 – Using reverb on 808s
09:22 – Adding METAVERB & BEAT DELAY from the internal effects of MASCHINE+
10:16 – Adding reverb to the piano sound
10:40 – Creating a second drum pattern to spice up the beat
11:54 – Shaping a kick drum for a third pattern
12:12 – Matching the pitches on the kick and 808
12:56 – Using a filter to cut the lows out of the sound
13:18 – Adding a dark sound sampled from an Elka Synthex vintage keyboard
14:22 – Adding a violin vibe with the Jupiter 6 samples and more effects
15:35 – Fine tuning the arrangement to make space for the artist
16:25 – Creating a switch-up with triplets and octave changes
17:37 – Duplicating scenes with MASCHINE+
18:14 – Adding an 808 melody in key mode with the KOMPLETE KONTROL S61
19:00 – Adding triplets to the 808s
20:42 – Metapop competition details

Check out the entire Sketches series here:

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