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7 Biggest Upcoming FL Studio 21 Updates

7 Biggest Upcoming FL Studio 21 Updates

Video by W. A. Production via YouTube
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7 Biggest Upcoming FL Studio 21 Updates

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Discover the exciting new features and improvements that will revolutionize your workflow. We’ll cover everything from the new yearly version naming and welcome window to FL Cloud Plugins, enhanced AI mastering, and a native macOS application menu. Plus, get an inside look at the new plugins (Spreader, Low Lifter, & Kepler Exo) and the innovative chord progression generator tool.

Whether you’re a seasoned producer or just starting, these updates are sure to enhance your creative process. Watch now and get ahead of the curve!

00:00 – Introduction
00:17 – 1: Yearly Version Naming
00:38 – 2: New Welcome Window
00:48 – 3: FL Cloud Plugins
01:48 – 4: Enhanced AI Mastering
02:04 – 5: Native macOS Application Menu
02:28 – 6: New Plugins (Spreader, Low Lifter, & Kepler Exo)
02:58 – 7: Chord Progression Generator Tool
03:13 – Conclusion


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