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3SA Metaliko Collection

Video by Joe Quick via Youtube
3SA Metaliko Collection

3 Sigma Audio is proud to present the Metaliko Collection! These Mix-Ready Presets and IRs get you the sound of the legendary band completely in the box. 10 Album and 2 Acoustic Packs span the entire sonic history providing dynamic and faithful recreations. Available for Helix and Pod Go, the 3 Sigma Audio Metaliko Collection will have you sounding like the real deal.


Premium Interface-
Budget Interface-
Premium Vocal Mic-
Budget Vocal Mic-
Premium Inst Mic-
Budget Inst Mic-
Premium Monitors-
Budget Monitors-
Lav Wired Mic-
Lav Wireless Mic-
Camera Mic-
Guitar Cables-
Mic Cables-
Guitar Stand-

0:00- Puppet Lead 2
0:16- Puppet Hi Gain 1
0:54- Black Hi Gain 1
1:10- Black Lead 1
1:29- Black Hi Gain 3
1:53- Forgiven AC
2:22- Killer Hi Gain 1
3:08- Anger Hi Gain 2
3:33- Anger Hi Gain 1
3:54- MJC Clean 3
4:26- Lightning Hi Gain 1
5:00- Nothing AC

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