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3 Sigma Audio Helix Collection V2

Video by Joe Quick via Youtube
3 Sigma Audio Helix Collection V2

Today we are proud to present the 3SA Helix Collection V2. In addition to the huge tonal updates, each new pack comes stocked with 60 Mix-Ready Presets and 40 Exclusive Impulse Responses to give you the versatility to cut through the mix in any genre or scenario. Humbucker and Single Coil Modes provide the perfect pairing for your instrument, while Maxed-Out Snapshots with Intelligent Foot Switching means your dream tone is never more than a click away. Available for Helix/LT/Native/Stomp/XL, the 3 Sigma Audio Helix Collection brings you world-class sounds for the studio and the stadium.

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0:00- PV Hi Gain
0:25- DZL Hi Gain
0:51- Rec Hi Gain
1:14- ANGL Hi Gain
1:32- M4 Hi Gain
1:55- PRS Hi Gain
2:22- AC Hi Gain
2:54- DLX Crunch
3:22- AC OctaDrive
3:45- Twin Hi Gain
4:09- BMan Crunch
4:33- DRZ Crunch
4:59- AC Clean
5:32- JC Clean
6:05- Lunar Clean
6:29- Pik N Grin
6:57- BMan Clean
7:28- Galaxy Clean
7:58- Sold Lead
8:22- PRS Lead Wah
8:47- PV Lead
9:02- DRZ Lead
9:19- AC Lead
9:36- Hype Clean 1
10:05- C400 Hi Gain 2
10:29- HB15 Clean 3
10:48- Aqua Hi Gain 2
11:14- GK Clean 2
11:35- SVT Hi Gain 1
11:59- Cali Crunch 1
12:24- Ultra Clean 1
12:49- A360 Clean 4
13:16- Manual Walkthrough

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